POM Vipers

The club competed in the Panasonic Cup in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. In 1990, they joined the new competition SP Cup where they won 3 premierships, up until 1995. They joined the Queensland Cup competition in 1996 and 1997. Due to the cost of transportation to and from Australia they were not invited to compete in the Queensland Cup for 1998. They returned to the SP Cup in 1999 for one season, before being demoted to the Port Moresby Domestic Competition. Another franchise Club that represented Port Moresby in the semi-professional competition was the Port Moresby Brian Bell Bulldogs.

Richard Sinamoi, William Bussil Junior, Paul Komboi, and POMRFL Chairman Solomon Ravu orchestrated the re-entry of the Vipers in the national competition, during the SP Cup transition period to Bemobile Cup in 2008. The Vipers ended with the wooden spoon in its maiden year returning to the high level national competition, but finished strongly in the following seasons (7th in 2009, and 5th in 2010). When Digicel took the naming rights of the national competition, the Vipers finished 5th in 2011 and 4th in 2012. The team eventually became premiers, winning the cup in 2013.







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Club Photos

2023, 2024

Port Moresby Vipers

Aaron KambaNCDC Port Moresby VipersCenter, Second Row
Benjamin TimothyNCDC Port Moresby VipersProp, Second Row
Bob GoreNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Brendon GotunoNCDC Port Moresby VipersFullback
Brian KispeNCDC Port Moresby VipersHooker
Enoch MakiNCDC Port Moresby VipersProp
Fedro GeneNCDC Port Moresby VipersProp
Frank ToleNCDC Port Moresby VipersWinger
Iru DikanaNCDC Port Moresby VipersLock, Second Row
Jeremiah TapitapeNCDC Port Moresby VipersFullback
Jimmy GissuaNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Joel GenaNCDC Port Moresby VipersHalf back
Joel KeeNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Joel TorombeNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Joshua StevenNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Junior KaleNCDC Port Moresby VipersCenter
Junior Vick KevauNCDC Port Moresby VipersWinger
Junior YamatauNCDC Port Moresby VipersUtility
Manu SoliNCDC Port Moresby VipersCenter
Max ToniaNCDC Port Moresby VipersHooker
Maya ClarkNCDC Port Moresby VipersLock
Mesno LakiNCDC Port Moresby VipersLock
Michael ChrisNCDC Port Moresby VipersProp
Peter MondoNCDC Port Moresby VipersProp
Philip OlmiNCDC Port Moresby VipersLock, Second Row
Rex TandowaNCDC Port Moresby VipersUtility
Simon AranaNCDC Port Moresby VipersHalf back
Simon KamanNCDC Port Moresby VipersCenter, Winger
Stanley JohnNCDC Port Moresby VipersFullback
Stanton AlbertNCDC Port Moresby VipersLock, Second Row
Stargroth AmeanNCDC Port Moresby VipersFullback
Weiyah KoiNCDC Port Moresby VipersSecond Row
Willie TirangNCDC Port Moresby VipersCenter
Yeki BenjaminNCDC Port Moresby VipersWinger
Yunni PatrickNCDC Port Moresby VipersFive Eight

Coach Joe Sipa

Papua New Guinea
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NCDC Port Moresby Vipers